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Coach Ben Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

Is Jiu-Jitsu a good base for MMA?

Oct 21, 2020

Coach Ben and Jim discuss standing back up.

Oct 3, 2020

Coach Ben talks about experimenting with conditioning the feet and the transfer to sports performance.

Sep 29, 2020

Robert Drysdale came on the podcast to talk about his NEW documentary about jiu-jitsu dropping SOON.

CLOSED GUARD: The Origins of Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil

We also talk about his training philosophy and how he transitioned from becoming an elite jiu-jitsu competitor to becoming an elite mma coach. His...

Sep 17, 2020

Main Event:
### Edwin Najmi (-125) vs Michael Liera Jr. (+100)
* GI Match
* 10 Minutes
* 170LBS

The main event of F2W152 features Edwin Najmi taking on Michael Liera Jr. Edwin is one of Gracie Barra’s top competitors and likewise Michael Liera Jr. is one of the top competitors from ATOS.

Edwin’s game involves...